City car, Weaving loom, Coffeemaker, Bar-b-q

City car, Weaving loom, Coffeemaker, Bar-b-q

City car
The length ofthis vehicle is only 2.50m whilst there is accomodation for four persons plus luggage. A small and light and cheap car suitable for city use, developed by using aminimum ofmaterials, luxuryandengine capacity. As itis simple to remove the chairs, this vehicle can also be used as asmallvan.

Weaving loom
The 4-shaft loom has a weaving width of 90 cm., and is mainly constructed of metal. All existing looms are made of wood, and because of this unprogressive use ofmateriall variation in shape are limited. That is the reason why a different material has been chosen. Further improvements are: better sitting position, better operational control and better stability.

2-4 cups of fresh coffee can easily be made with this set (in combination with a camping-gaz burner). The water is boiled in the lower part, after which the whole is assembled and turned.

This is suitable for use by 4 persons, and is made of ceramics.

Mans Rademaker