Commission: Design ofan intensive care unit, for use in hospitals. The unit should be produced in small series.
The total design of the unit must have a positive effect on the atmosphere of the intensive care ward. The unit has to be ergonomiclyjustified in all ways.

Elucidation: In the past, little attention has been given to the totaldesign ofhospitals. A reason forthis is the lackof co-operation between several disciplines. These disciplines area, the architect, b. the medical staff, c. the medical personnel, d. the producer(s) e. thedesigner(s). Co-operation between the first three groups is more or less realised and now we ought to look for a way for the last two groups to co-operate with the others.

Commission: Design ofa four-shaft weaving-loom which is not intended for professional use.
Elucidation: Thethreemostimportantfactorsofthis commission are a. improvement on ergonomics of weaving, b. a shape different from existing weaving-looms c. a knock down system used for this weaving-loom.

Commission: Design ofa manou seating-unit which is to be assembled by the consumer.
Elucidation: In this commission I have tried to place the manou-furniture in a wider market.

Commission: Design ofa hydro-culturpot.
Elucidation: Because hydro-culturhas become more common during the past years, it is necessary to increase the assortment ofpots.

Eric van Dijk